Give your calves a leg up on the competition with 60-90 days in our preconditioning lot. With custom feed rations to jump start growth and vaccination schedules that build immunity, we focus on the health and condition of your calf and how it affects your bottom line. Competition at the feedlot bunk is fierce, and our preconditioned calves are ready for battle.



Our facilities enable cattle to be processed efficiently and with minimal stress on bovine and human alike. No need to fight with the wife or the son or the high school kid you roped into helping you work cattle, we’ve got you covered. Whether it is a round of shots or a group of heifers to sync and AI, we’re here to get you in and out quickly and without too much cussin’.


Every successful operation has a foundation of quality genetics. Our herd of Red Angus religiously produces sturdy, resilient calf crops. They weather the extremes of hot Oklahoma summers and the piercing cold of February and March in Noble County without batting an eye.

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