Packin’ It In

We harvested our corn for silage this year, which kept us busy the last few days! While we would typically harvest some of our corn, we chose to chop all of it for silage for our feedlot. Raising our own feed is efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, due in part to a reduction in transport costs. It also gives us confidence in knowing exactly what goes into Williams Ranch Beef!

Raising our own crops provides economic benefit for both ourselves and our clients, from your cattle in our pre-conditioning lot to Williams Ranch Beef in your freezer.

This is when the chopper was getting started, watch out for the flying corn!
Once the silage is chopped, it’s dumped near our feedlot. Then we start packing it down, to keep it from spoiling.
Just a little view from the top of the silage pile, as we take a break from packing. The goal is to make that big pile of quality corn silage smooth and even to ensure the rain runs off it evenly. This prevents spoilage and maintains the quality and nutrients of the silage.

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