It’s time for corn, not corona, around here

The seasons don’t understand quarantines, so today we are hard at it putting field corn in the ground. We have to admit, it was a hard decision. With inputs and seed costs at an all time high and commodities prices are at levels seen decades ago, we just have to hope that things turn around soon.

Have you considered alternative crops and approaches for feed sources? We certainly have. It’s a delicate balance of having the time and resources to grow/make your own feed, or dedicating that time to other chores.

Today, we went with the field corn. And a few prayers that we have a good yield. But the sun is shining and tomorrow is Easter, so it’s a pretty good day!

Tractor #1 is harrowing the field one last time.
Tractor #2 is following about 6 passes behind planting field corn.

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