Cold & stressed? Yeah, us too

It’s freezing outside. Our equipment doesn’t like it, our cattle are a little grumpy, and it’s pretty tough on the ol’ back to bounce around in the feed truck over frozen ground rutted by cattle hooves and truck tires. I get it. Winter is tough.

But we’re tougher.

Here’s a little story about that. Gary and his men’s breakfast group were featured a few months ago, and we thought you might like to read it. For those of you in the agriculture industry, you’re not alone. And for those who aren’t, we thought you might appreciate a look into the struggles we face. Between Hollywood attacking our way of life, unpredictable weather, and the occasional malfunction that causes a 7-hour welding project, it’s challenging sometimes. (That welding project may or may not have happened yesterday.)

So with a certain holiday coming up, show some love to your local farmer or rancher. Or at least make sure the coffee is fresh and hot when they stop in to warm up. It’s cold outside!

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